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C2 Core brings VR gamers into an immersive and physically active VR adventure, offering maximum performance of the core functions of KAT VR Treadmills at minimum cost.
Embark on an immersive and active VR journey with C2 Core! Experience the full power of KAT VR Treadmill’s core functions without breaking the bank. This is the ultimate affordable solution for VR enthusiasts, delivering precision in locomotion that gamers worldwide have eagerly awaited. Elevate your VR adventures today with C2 Core and step into a new realm of affordable excellence!

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Realistic First-Person Walk in Games

C2 Core redefines ‘REAL’ allowing for 360° of natural walking, running and other physical actions in VR games. It adopts our newest locomotion simulation technologies, giving you a the feeling of natural walking and movement in Virtual Reality.

Increased immersion with physical full-body locomotion

Stop guiding your character and start being them!


Infinite action space in a single physical spot

KAT Walk C 2 Core creates endless virtual walking space, protecting you from physical collisions as you freely interact with the VR game environment.


Reduced motion sickness

Walk in VR solves the cognitive dissonance which occurs when brain sees movement but feels the body is static.


Ultra-Accurate 2D Tracking System

C2 Core adopts our best foot tracking technology – KAT Optical Foot Tracking which provides the highest level of accuracy and the best standard of motion tracking available to any consumer-available VR locomotion solutions


Achieve full body synergy with your VR Treadmill

Open VR treadmill ergonomics and its burden-free harness are designed to closely ‘connect’ with the player’s body and provide the feeling of ergonomic integrity with the device


C2 Shoe

UK 10, UK 11, UK 12, UK 13, UK 4, UK 5, UK 6, UK 7, UK 7.5, UK 8, UK 8.5, UK 9

Vehicle Hub

C2 Core Vehicle Hub, No Seat


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