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At Virtual Ghost we stay on the leading edge of Virtual and Augmented Reality technology, bringing equipment and experiences that are only normally available to large organisations to the public, and allowing everyone to be able to fully dive into Virtual Reality.

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Kat Walk C Exclusive!

The latest home VR mobility technology from KatVR is almost here. Exclusively available at Virtual Ghost.

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Kat Loco lockdown offer!

Everyone is tired of being stuck at home but at Virtual Ghost we believe that home is just the start of the adventure. Whether you want to be more immersed exploring a virtual world or maybe you feel your exercise in VR is not as fulfilling as you want, get the Kat Loco system to make every movement count!

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Dive together - 25 Minutes VR Treadmill
£ 25
  • Bring a friend and experience freedom in VR together
Deep dive - 55 Minutes VR Treadmill
£ 30
  • Take a deep dive into the virtual with the latest VR Treadmill technology; be a ghost in the machine