£119.99 (ex vat: £99.99)

KAT Striker is a VR game aim stock designed to improve your aiming accuracy and overall
gaming experience.

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Experience the virtual field of battle like never before thanks to:

Highly Realistic Design

KAT Striker was designed with the help of former soldiers to ensure its close resemblance to real rifles used on the modern field of battle.

Increased Immersion

Thanks to its realistic appearance and high functionality, KAT Striker will take you a step closer to the Virtual World.

Great Aiming Accuracy

Application of strong magnets in the controller fixing system ensures maximum stability, and best aiming accuracy at all time!

Magnetic Mounting

Since you won’t be always using KAT Striker, you can quickly attach, and detach your controllers when changing weapons without even taking of your VR headset!

Adjustable Structure

Position of the controller, as well as the stock length can be easily adjusted at any time to ensure quick adaptation to different players.

Easy Controllers Charging

Worrying about the battery? You can safely charge controllers at any time without even removing them from your VR Striker!

Ultra-High Quality

Manufacturing of KAT Striker is based on Precision Injection Molding that Ensures its high quality and long product life!

Using KAT Striker you can play ANY VR game supported by your HTC Vive or HTC Vive Pro controllers:
ONWARD, Pavlov VR, Contractors VR, Serious Sam, Fallout 4, Zomday, Arizona Sunshine and MORE!

Supported Controllers:

VTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro