inc Vat: £366.86


VAT: £151.11

UK Delivery Fee: £100

Port fees*: £115.75

A note on costs

Whilst we understand these costs may come as a surprise, please be assured that these are set by third parties and neither Virtual Ghost or KatVR will make any profit from them. For further information, please email Virtual Ghost ([email protected]), or the KatVR overseas manager Alex ([email protected]).

*Port fees are charged by the customs clearance company, the fees here are much less than would be charged individually on these shipments as it has directly benefited from our larger shipment overall.
Port fees are broken down as follows

  1. Destination customs clearance fee: £11.25
  2. Terminal handling charges: £40
  3. Port charges: £9.50
  4. Documentation fee: £17.50
  5. Congestion Surcharge: £37.50

**The delivery fee is charged by us as these items are very large and costly to move around the UK, it is cheaper than a courier will charge, this again is a benefit of our distribution infrastructure and is done at cost (fuel and staff).